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YAN Zhaozhu

YAN Zhaozhu is one of the Founders, Chairman and life-long executive member of World Cultural Forum(Taihu, China). YAN Zhaozhu is a famous literary theorist and former Chief of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Policy Research Centre of the CPC Central Committee.

YAN Zhaozhu, born in Chongqing, is a communist. He majored in Aesthetic and graduated from Literature Department, Graduate School, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in 1981. YAN Zhaozhu started working in 1969 and once worked as a teacher in the Middle school for children of Ziliujing salt factory, Master of Arts Graduate School, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Assistant Research Fellow and Associate Research Fellow in the Institute of Literature, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Deputy Editor-in-chief of Journal of Literature and Art in the Chinese Writers Association; Chief of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Policy Research Centre of the CPC Central Committee. He began to publish works in 1981 and joined in the Chinese Writers Association in 1993. YAN Zhaozhu is incumbent Legal Representative, Executive Chairman and Secretary-General of World Cultural Forum(Taihu, China).

Speech by Chairman Yan Zhaozhu--

Culture is the spiritual home of an ethnic group, and the soul and lifeline of nations. Since ancient times, nations have fostered their own cultures, weaving into the magnificent tapestry of human civilization their unique national psyche and emotions, persistent faith and higher pursuits. Mutual respect, exchange and learning among different cultures is the only sensible way for cultures to develop around the world as well as a driving force for the continuous progress of human civilization.

In today's world, economic globalization has become an irreversible trend. It not only brings rare opportunities for development to countries all over the world, but also inevitable cultural conflicts, which civilizations must face directly. Against the background of economic globalization, a critical issue now facing human beings is how to enhance mutual understanding and trust among different civilizations, while strengthening cross-cultural communications and collaboration among nations, with the purpose of promoting prosperity and advancing human civilization, safeguarding an environment which is crucial to human survival, and building a promising future.Thus we stand for respect of the diversity of human civilization, for each country's cultural background, its social regime, its mode of development and its lifestyle.

We advocate mutual understanding and tolerance among different civilizations. And we appeal for communication and comprehension as well as the expansion of consensus among various cultures.

We sincerely invite personages from all circles to join us in this dialogue and cooperation among different civilizations to build a harmonious world with harmonious cultures on the basis of mutual respect and equitable communication.