• Ervin LASZLO

    President, the Club of Budapest in Hungary

  • Robert A. MUNDELL

    “Father of the Euro”, the recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics, Professor, Columbia University, USA

  • Jusuf WANANDI

    Vice Chairman, Board of Trustees CSIS Foundation, Indonesia

  • Yan Zhaozhu

    President and incumbent Legal Representative, life-long executive member of World Cultural Forum (Taihu, China)

    Former Chief of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Policy Research Centre of the CPC Central Committee


  • Zhuo Xinping

    Vice-president of World Cultural Forum (Taihu, China)

    Researcher of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, President of the Institute of World Religions, CASS


  • Su Shuyang

    Vice-president of World Cultural Forum (Taihu, China)

    Chairman of China Tianhan Foundation, State level A scriptwriter


  • The Secretariat

    Research and development center
    Duties: Responsible for project research, evaluation, formulation
    and evaluation: Make content planning for annual conferences ; BBS inside publish, editor of the publishing; Responsible for the editing and publishing, of internal publications and the cutting-edge research.

    Project executive department

    Duties: Responsible for project examination and approval, project coordination, execution and management and other tasks assigned by the leadership.

    Network propaganda department

    Duties: Responsible for news propaganda work of annual conferences and other summits; Responsible for TCF website operation
    , weibo management and design work.

    The accounting department
    Duties: Responsible for fund use auditing and accounting; Make correct、timely and complete accounts and reimbursement;Reflect to the leader about accounting information in a timely manner.

    The office
    Duties: Responsible for secretariat daily administrative affairs, assist the secretariat with external liaison and coordination work, and the secretariat staff recruitment and management.