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The Fourth Annual Conference of World Cultural Forum (Taihu, China) 

Macao·China 7-9 June, 2016

Join Hands for a Human Destiny Community

Annual Meeting 2014

At present, mankind is faced with a stern common challenge of global ecological crisis; economic globalization is deepening while in-depth influence of international financial crisis continues and the world economy is amid further restructuring; world multi-polarization continuously advances while the world situation remains intertwined and involved and terrorism and regional conflict continue to happen; societal informatization experiences rapid development while Internet control and global network security have also been listed on global agenda. In the present world, all countries have unprecedentedly deepened interconnection and mutual dependence; the destiny of mankind is highly interdependent; and mankind has more and more become an all-involved community of shared destiny. The forming of the community of common human destiny foretells advent of the stage of new civilization of mankind and this new situation requires us to have a deeper understanding of the following issues concerning the human destiny community and future development of mankind:

–-Conflict between different forms of civilization still exists. So, in order to build the community of common human destiny, it is necessary to explore the matter of how to raise the greatest common divisor in value between different countries and between different forms of civilization.
–-While ecological crises such as climate change threaten the existence of human kind, the awareness of global ecological preservation and ecological awareness of people have been awakened. However, international cooperation in coping with global ecological crisis remains in an impasse.
–-Outdated international relations built on a “center-margin” layout of strength and the zero-sum game of protecting one’s own interests at the expense of others between countries have hindered the forming of the human destiny community.
–The Silk Road was the historical channel of communication between Oriental and Occidental civilizations. As for the modern “The Belt and Road Initiative” endeavors, the question remains how to inherit the legacy of Silk Road so as to open up a new path for building the human destiny community.
–-The wide application of information technology in society has brought mankind enormous opportunities for development, but at the same time poses threat and challenges to network security. There is a need for mankind to identify the ways and take effective actions to open up a new era of community of shared wisdom of mankind.
–-Globalization may lead to the emergence of underprivileged culture or even cause loss of cultural diversity. Under the context of a new round of globalization, there is a need to explore the ways to build a community of shared creativity of mankind rich in the inherent value of cultural diversity.
–-With exponential development of modern medical science, there is a need to answer the question of how to evaluate the theory and practice of traditional medical science so that traditional medical science can become the treasure house of resources for a community of shared health of mankind.
–-Given high unemployment rate of youths, there is a need to address the issues of how the youth generation can undertake social responsibilities, and how to address the issues of unbalanced development of women across countries and regions and the unequal distribution of rights, opportunities and resources between men and women.

The Fourth Annual Conference of World Cultural Forum to be held in 2016 will provide leaders with a high-level platform for exploring new global situation as well as the ethos of new civilization of community of common human destiny. The goal of the conference is to develop insight and formulate necessary initiatives and consensus so as to cope with all present and future challenges. Global leaders from governments, international organizations, academic communities, business circles and civil society will engage in a series of dialogues, exploring together issues related to the building of the community of share destiny of mankind. The Fourth Annual Conference will continue to serve as a platform of high-level dialogue for promoting Sino-Foreign cultural exchange and cultural development of the world.

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Executive Summary of the 2016 Annual Conference         Agenda of the 2016 Annual Conference

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